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Android Actual Clean Architecture (AACA)

by Adrian Tache, 01.05.2024


Quick Summary

Android Actually Clean Architecture (AACA) is my Clean Architecture implementation for Android, combined with best practices from other common architectures, to help you write code that is robust, easily testable, easily ported to other platforms or frameworks, easily extendable and maintainable.

You can find below a diagram of the core of AACA, which is the main part you should focus on. All the other layers (UI, data, platform) are details, and can be messy if you choose so, but of course you will find suggestions for implementing them later on in this documentation.

Main AACA Diagram

Please use the sidebar on the left to jump to any of these sections, or keep reading to get the full picture. You can find some sample source code for the architecture described here by going to the AACA GitHub Repository.


Please contact me with any feedback, errors you spot, or just kind words of praise, using the contact form.